To advance housing, care and services for older adults.


To be the champion for aging services in California.

Ethical Preamble
The members of LeadingAge California are committed to a vision, mission and set of values that frame our approach to service and advocacy for California's older adults. As not-for-profit organizations providing quality housing, healthcare and services to California's older adults, we share a tradition of religious, ethnic, fraternal or community sponsorship. We support the spirit of volunteerism, community service, charitable activities, and collaborative planning.
Adopted August 7, 1998  


  • Strengthen Member Value
  • Lead Policy
  • Cultivate Leadership
  • Provide Leading Education 

Shared Values
The values shared by LeadingAge California members include:

    Long term commitment to the security of older adults
    Mission driven
    Mutual support and assistance among members
    Respect of all peoples
    Commitment to socioeconomic and multicultural diversity
    Advocate for not for profit status
    Consumer focused
    Dignity and quality of life for older adults

Adopted February 18, 1998